Asset Investment Stage

  • Due Diligence for Investment

Thorough reports which analyse not only the technical and legal aspects of a real estate asset but its market, for purchase or investment. Clear and accurate conclusions are presented based on all the information available, like the analysis of regulation compliance, urban and territorial legality and potential for real estate development, in order to determine the feasibility of the investment.

  • Gathering, analysis and study of Title of Property

Identification and characterization reports of the proposed investment, through gathering and analysis of register, cadastral and historical information.

  • Survey

Service that provides a status report on the technical and physical safety of the building, necessary when purchasing/selling real estate, minimizing the risks assumed by the buyer. This report shows the technical and physical aspects affecting the building that must be taken into account, and serves as a guide that helps inform decision-making processes. 

There are three kinds of Reports, depending on the scope:

    • Condition Report
    • Building Survey
    • Structural Report

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