Asset Management - Land

  • Due Diligence - Land

Technical report that analyses economic, technical, urban and legal aspects adapted to the type of land. The aim is to know all those factors to take into account that could be crucial in a purchase-sale operation. We also carry out the paperwork, processes and costs associated with transformation and maintenance.

  • Information gathering reports, Analysis and study of Title of Property

Once the characteristics of land and physical reality have been established, we propose all the actions and processes aimed at regularizing the asset in the Property and Land Registry.

  • Land Transformation Management

Comprehensive Transformation Management of the land, to enhance its value, enabling its urbanisation and later development. All the specific paperwork for the analysis and development of the land and the required urban development processes, according to the classification, estimating a timeline and costs associated to the technical and legal transformation.

  • Partition or Grouping of projects

Preparation of a real estate Partition or Grouping Project as required by the client and all the processes needed to resolve any certification problems that may arise.

  • Study of Inventory

Property asset portfolio updating. Finding, controlling and elaborating report on its status, classifying and indicating current status, conservation, and pending management and improvement interventions.

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