ST Consultores has developed a business management system intricately related to the concept of continuous quality improvement. The fundamentals of this system are:

  • Obtaining the utmost satisfaction of our clients and meeting and exceeding their expectations (internal and external).
  • We believe in the development of continuous quality improvement in all activities and processes of the company (implementing continuous quality improvement has a beginning but does not end).
  • Full commitment of directors and active leadership throughout the whole management team.
  • Every member of the organization participates and team work aimed at Quality Management is actively encouraged
  • Collaborators are also involved in the Total Quality system of the company, given their vital role in achieving the highest Quality.
  • Identifying and Managing Key Processes within the organization, overcoming barriers between departments and structural obstacles inherent to these processes.
  • Management decisions based on hard data and facts. Management objectives based on intuition.
  • Skillful handling of information.
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