Asset Management - Conservation

  • Pre-sale Technical Management - Post-sale

In order to comply with contractual obligations and existing guarantee periods, we carry out all the required post-sale technical paperwork and processes to resolve incidents, complaints or claims; and regularly inform on their status.

  • Quotes report - Tenders

Request and analysis of offers to obtain fixed prices.

  • Technical reports

Reports on the status of an asset regarding possible non-compliance with regulation or technical standards indicating if there is a need for repair works and estimating the cost of the actions to be carried out.

  • Pre-sale Asset Management and Control

Previous to commercialization, the value of the asset has to be determined. During this process detailed reports are carried out to reflect the status, establishing those interventions considered necessary before it can be brought to market. We offer control of the management of the works as required by the client: maintenance, pre-sale, enhancing the value, documentation (bulletins, certificate of occupancy, municipal requirements), claims, insurance company procedures, etc, that the asset needs to remain valuable.

  • Reinstatement Cost Assessment for Insurances Purposes

The Reinstatement Cost of Assessment (RCA) has the goal of establishing the manner to calculate this assessment for insurance purposes. 

The report follows the RICS guidelines, getting recognised and authorised results worldwide.


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