Asset Management - Construction

  • Due Diligence Construction

When there is an interest in a particular operation, in funding or purchase-sale, a Due Diligence process is carried out to adequately characterize the asset involved in the operation, whether it is land or a real estate development.

This Due Diligence is an audit that thoroughly analyses the asset in question. This process involves first its proper characterization, from the physical and cadastral standpoint to the registry, administrative and urban aspects. It then analyses its legal status and finally, any pending actions and investments. Successful operations depend on a decision-making process informed by the best and most complete information.

  • Project Management

We offer comprehensive management in cost control, timelines and quality of real estate developments. This results in a higher level of control than in developments without this service. 

This higher level of control is possible through professional and independent management. It also facilitates relations with designers, planners and subcontractors as processes necessary to ensure cost, timeline and quality objectives can be guaranteed.

  • Tenders report

Request and analysis of offers in order to obtain a fixed price. 

  • Project Monitoring

This is an independent service of monitoring, supervision and/or control of the construction and development phases of projects funded by banks.

It includes consulting, analysis, assessment and advice. Comprehensively, the aim of this service is to accurately define and validate the projections for the Development Cost (Building Costs of the works and Necessary Expenses) and the suitability of technical and financial documents necessary (Project, Quote, Building Contract and Construction Permit).

The cost of the purchase of land is not included in the projection analysis or subsequent audits, which are confined to the costs of a development, starting with the construction and up until the completion of the works and the obtaining of all the administrative permits that enable and allow its commercialization.

The objective is: 

    • To establish a structured environment with uniform certification criteria and cost validation. 
    • To Ensure traceability of the funding, allowing for a detailed and regular control of the pace of the development. Accurate data on the evolution of expenditures, both in Building Costs and Necessary Expenses -comparing them with the projections to detect possible deviations- and in the pending investment. 
    • To determine the flow of receipts and payments incurred.
    • To audit and validate invoices corresponding to expenses. Present payment orders for those invoices by the due date of the payment, during the month audited.
    • To provide an economic balance sheet upon completion and a summary of all pending payments.
    • To analyse the integrity of the administrative documentation that authorizes the final use of the funded development.
  • Initial Due Diligence - DD00

The aim of this report is to determine if the building costs conform to current market prices, and to validate them. It also determines an estimate of the total cost of the development.

  • Works Monitoring - PM01

Monthly monitoring reports, auditing the correlation between the work that has been completed and the work that has been certified and billed, controlling and validating invoices to be paid.

  • Final Due Diligence - DD02

Administrative closure report that certifies the administrative suitability of the development for sale and use by final owner.

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