The Company

Innovating and offering a leading
service model for over 40 years.

ST Consultores was founded by a group of professionals passionate about real estate. In 1982 they joined forces to embark on a journey of continued growth and reinvention, combining their innovative ideas, experience and acquired knowledge, to offer their skills as a company within Grupo Sociedad de Tasación.

We provide consultancy, analysis, project advice and execution across virtually the entire real estate spectrum, whether you need help with a plot of land, hospital, gated development, a building or even an owners' association. Our clients all attest to the fact that our services are clearly based on providing excellence. This excellence does not just refer to the end result but, when it comes to impartiality, to the way in which the result is achieved, as our opinion is not based on what we think, but rather on the vast amounts of data obtained for our clients. Our valuations are not influenced by any external factors. They are independent, reliable, and completed to the most exacting of standards, as is our meticulous method of cataloguing the vast amounts of data we have compiled throughout the course of thousands of projects. We expertly manage these vast amounts of data thanks to our extensive experience in the sector.

We divide our services up into four key areas, boasting extensive experience in each of them.



More than 40 years of tech-based experience and an exhaustive use of technology, combined with our unique access to vast amounts of market data and the unparalleled local know-how of our professionals and collaborators allow us to provide a wide range of products, services and innovative solutions - all designed to meet the operational and quality-based needs of our clients.


To become Spain's leading service provider for real estate valuations, consultancy and technology.

Our values.
ST Consultores: core values.

Continuous Improvement.
ST Consultores: core values.

ST Consultores has developed a business management system that is closely related to the concept of Continuous Improvement. The fundamental principles of its POLICY are the following COMMITMENTS of:

  • Leading brand in Spain in valuation, consulting and technology real estate related services.
  • Awareness of the needs and expectations of our customers and other interested parties in order to meet their requirements.
  • Development of a continuous improvement process: improvement has a beginning, but not an end.
  • Development of an active ongoing leadership of the entire management team.
  • Participation of all members of the organization and promotion of teamwork.
  • Involvement of our collaborators generating interest in the management system of the company given its fundamental role.
  • Working in the processes of the organization, overcoming the departmental and structural barriers in order to join efforts and make our organization more effective.
  • Making decisions through objective data and facts. Information domain