We accomplish our goals, while remaining focused on providing our clients with quality, speed and return on investment.


We offer our clients advice and technical support for buying and selling real estate, obtaining the information required to successfully evaluate, manage and develop.

Our unrivalled experience in the sector, combined with our extensive database, allow us to provide reliable and extremely valuable information to help clients make informed decisions for all types of real estate transactions, as well as decisions related to maintenance and divestment scenarios.

It has never been so easy to design efficient risk management plans.


Data Quality

We carry out an in-depth analysis of each and every property. Not only do we consult the relevant pubic bodies, such as the Land and Property Registries and Town and City Councils, we visit the property, carry out our own measurements and analyse the risks involved. In doing so, we are able to form a real idea of its value and draw informed, detailed and impartial conclusions regarding what should be done with each property. Should the asset be put on the market, or is the property more valuable than you originally thought?

property management

Before making a financial investment, you must be clear about the situation of the assets, the maintenance, condition and the investments that can be made in them. We regularly review the budgets for maintenance, their replanning and analysis of possible deviations, reporting monthly on the services and the state of the assets, so that you always have up-to-date information on the real estate portfolio.


Expert service, professionalism and tried and tested experience

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ST Consultores is one of the market's most highly regarded players. We work with the main servicers and property owners on the market.