The real-time solution that tells you where and how real estate investment is being spent.

Project Monitoring allows developers to independently track development costs. It offers investors the transparency they need to ensure all capital is being soundly invested across their real estate project. As such investors gain in-depth knowledge about the status of their investment. The impartiality and end-to-end approach of the STC Method guarantees the most accurate information and risk evaluation in the shortest time possible, helping users to make informed decisions and payments.

Lenders and Developers. All good relationships are forged on transparent and carefully monitored data. Accurate data helps to guarantee a smooth real estate investment and gives investors peace of mind.

Our goal: to fulfill the business plan. We are firmly committed to ensuring clarity and efficiency, which is why when we monitor a property investment, we analyse right down to even the smallest of costs - validating and verifying each and every payment. This provides investors with real-time information as to the whereabouts of their money and enables developers to make payments with peace of mind.

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Cost forecasts and technical and financial suitability

We validate the development costs related to land, construction works and all other necessary costs. We audit the financial and technical efficiency of the documents required for the project: Budgets, works projects, service provision contracts, insurance and works licences.

Financing visibility

We provide clear financial information across the full project life-cycle. We audit and validate all invoices and financial transfers, allowing us to track payments and receipts.


Risk analysis

Timely control of risks. Controlling a situation and disclosing the right data at the right time provides visibility of the risks faced at all times, and above all, of the potential risks that a particular particular situation could lead to. Allowing us to act at exactly the right time. Our data alerts you at the right time to help you make informed decisions.

Balance sheet

Our monitoring system allows us to produce a financial balance sheet at the end of the transaction, as well as a breakdown of pending payments in line with our commitment to offer our clients transparency and essential information.


Expert service, professionalism and tried and tested experience

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ST Consultores is one of the market's most highly regarded players and officially certified by the main financial institutions in Spain, working with more than 350 developers over the years.